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Who we are

EXTREM' VISION is an SME founded in 1996 by Stéphane GOUVERNEUR, who is now its CEO..

The company, which specialises in the study, design and manufacture of equipment for environments subject to high levels of stress, employs 12 people, all of whom are senior technicians or engineers with an excellent level of expertise.

EXTREM' VISION was first set up in the television industry, with a remit to create bespoke equipment for underwater animal documentaries and provide on-site logistical assistance.

Following a number of excellent references in the innovative audiovisual field, such as the Ushuaïa Nature programmes, EXTREM' VISION launched a semi-professional range of equipment for underwater video shooting.

Focused on a strategy of differentiation through innovation and long hours devoted to R&D, EXTREM' VISION has become a benchmark in the field of top-of-the-range images in highly constrained environments and is increasingly capturing market share in the underwater video sector for the French and international audiovisual and events industries.

Thanks to its ongoing commitment to innovation and its collaboration with major groups and consortiums, EXTREM' VISION is generating innovative solutions and positioning itself as a leading player in various fields of activity. With the know-how acquired over these first ten years and a certain recognition in the television and film industry, we are adopting a development strategy geared towards the military and industrial sectors with an approach based on R&D missions and the creation of technological demonstrators.

More than ever, resolutely turned towards the future, EXTREM' VISION generates innovative solutions with technological breakthroughs by joining collaborative projects with major groups or consortiums. EXTREM' VISION now holds a leading position in various sectors of activity, through niche markets where its responsiveness is in line with requests from field personnel or decision-makers looking for strong involvement. This ability to produce fully autonomous demonstration, pre-production or production deliverables, entirely designed and manufactured in France, validates the relevance of its modus operandi and ensures a differentiating success that has not wavered and has been our success for nearly 25 years.