EXTREM’ VISION means innovation, performance and reliability, all at your service.
Although « innovate » is very much a trend word at present, it has been our culture for over 20 years.
Our independent multidisciplinary team applies its know-how and efficiency to create the solution decided on in your consultation.
Our requirement is specifications to define the project and sufficient budget and time to meet your technological challenge.

Our areas of expertise

EXTREM’ VISION has been working for 20 years in integration of complex optronic and mechatronic systems adapted to various uses in hostile and demanding environments. We study and produce technical demonstration models that combine three complementary jobs:

  • Precision mechanics,
  • Electronics/computing,
  • Optics.

Our client requests come from activity sectors as wide-ranging as:

  • Defence and national security,
  • Industry,
  • Audiovisual events,
  • Applied research.

We work on the project phases at your convenience – the  « operational demonstration », the pre-series of equipment requested for « validation and qualification ».
We are then able to set the industrialisation phases in motion for significant volumes.

As well as made-to-measure services, we apply our know-how with a range of equipment bearing our name, which you can find out about on the various pages of this website.

Common points of our development tasks

  • Listening and quantifying a project’s real needs:
    We work in partnership with you through working groups, as collaboration in a project is essential. We guide you through analyses of needs and performance levels, prices and deadlines. We take account of all your requirements, especially those not directly related to the field of technology: relations, maintenance and transverse operations are just three examples.
  • Organising regular project reviews:
    We keep you informed of the progress of your project and its key points. Together we confirm each stage, applying where necessary IHM models, algorithms, electronics, mechanics or optical stacking in preliminary tests.
  • Pre-validation of reliability:
    Internally, thanks to dedicated test benches, ageing cycles and/or stress tests in hyperbaric chamber or weather conditions chamber.
    In shared use, we validate the EMC made or spread using a shared-use anechoic chamber according to your level of requirement.
    Your project will be ISO 9001 quality monitored and can be « debugged » with a view to obtaining a certification such as MIL STD.
  • Determining the deliverables:
    We provide you with a finished and functional demonstration model managed by us from A to Z using our latest-generation integrated production machinery.
  • Continuing the action:
    Following your comments and the field tests using the demonstrator, we make good any discrepancies and take corrective action to optimise the product in the following phase.
  • The project is always your project:
    As we are well used to areas where discretion is of the essence and promote values of respect and honesty, working with EXTREM’ VISION always brings an assurance of strictness and confidentiality.

Our website, with its « product pages » dedicated to the Defence and Security and Audiovisual sectors, will give you a good overview of our capacity for innovation and our involvement.

What you have is an optomecatronic application designed for use in hostile environments, to be studied and then developed, as well as technological advice designed to provide ideal solutions to problems. Do not hesitate to call on the skills of the EXTREM’ VISION systems integrator.