The term « product hardening » within EXTREM’ VISION means integration of complex systems with high added value within specific designs that provide resistance against impacts, vibration, differences in temperature and of course submersion or immersion.

Protections militaires durcies, étanchesFor us, this means provision of strong and completely waterproof long-term protection for all your sensitive and strategic equipment.
The hardened equipment supplied by EXTREM’ VISION is most often IP69, with dimensions to resist pressure exerted in the environments in which our clients use the equipment.
Your equipment, which is important, expensive, often sensitive and infrequently provided, requires particular attention. We thus provide made-to-measure small containers, chambers or envelopes to keep the equipment whole and functional and ensure its performance in all conditions

Optronique militaire durcie pour vision nocturne

Each design therefore meets your specific needs: weight, size, shape, performance, mechanical resistance, colour, tightness, programming, pressurisation, thermostats, impacts, vibrations, integrated electronic or algorithmic steering, distance, return etc.

Our experience in providing waterproof items provides you with protection for portable radios, GPS systems, distress beacons, all-spectrum optronics or armaments.
Whether for divers, palmers, parachutists, radios or « gasmen » on speedboats, whether the equipment is on a helicopter or a combat plane, we apply our know-how to design the best possible solution for making your standard equipment function efficiently in very demanding environments.

Following the strictest of demands concerning your working environment, and according to specification, we apply normative document MIL-STD 810. To find the Protection Index (IP/EN 60529) needed for your area of work, do not hesitate to consult us.