What does « camouflage » mean?
When defining camouflage, it’s best to determine the working distance, define what is near and what is far, and distinguish between sea and air, rural and urban, military and police. These are the different areas of work and needs united by the shared objective of acquiring information.
Although it is commonplace today to disguise a « short-distance » camera in the visor of a vehicle, what about a larger type of sensor in a natural environment?

EXTREM’ VISION, as a specialist in technical acquisition sensors, has had to think about how to conceal the means of acquiring information. Rather than being just crude gadgets or brainchildren, it’s a real know-how that the company has spent several years acquiring in the field. Driven by operational units to excel in this field, we do not offer « off-the-shelf » equipment; rather, we work as a partner with our client to produce a « made-to-measure » solution.

We consider it essential, as part of our global approach, to offer operators a solution that takes account of:

  • The mission.
  • The equipment to be concealed (support).
  • The geographical location.
  • The environment.

We also remember the importance of knowing:

  • What precisely is permitted.
  • The difficulties of installation.
  • The requirements of local culture, etc.

All these elements must be taken into consideration when answering the « camouflage » question.

Although we wish to remain discreet about our achievements, we are of course glad to answer your questions.
Don’t hesitate to consult us – it’s the detail that makes the difference!