Sustaining your investment

The extreme environments in which you work regularly place great demands on the equipment. Its reliability must be exemplary to allow it to resist salt, sunlight, very high temperatures, impacts during the mission, changes in pressure and the rigours of transport. Although the design takes account of these parameters, regular maintenance is the key to long life. By a series of simple tasks it reduces the risk of breakdown and prevents destruction. A careful reading of the technical documentation will help you understand your equipment and answer most of the questions you may have. Neither should the power of the “simple” examination, which is of paramount importance when searching for problems with the equipment, be underestimated.
When the equipment is delivered, you can ask us for a “detailed” handover process, which covers the key points of preventive maintenance. All our sales staff are fully trained in this quality procedure and will be glad to help you.

First of all, in accordance with the General Conditions of Sale (GCS), your equipment will benefit from a year’s guarantee from start-up date, under normal conditions of use.
In the event of a breakdown, we will take over immediately and take every step to return the equipment to you within seven working days after its arrival in our workshops.

First, our internal statistics show that 82% of equipment in service since 2010 has never been returned for curative maintenance.
The second indicator relates to maintenance costs, which on average total less than 3% of the price of brand-new equipment.
These compelling figures are the result of the dedication of our study offices and production teams and show the level of reliability of our equipment, which is subjected to singularly testing conditions during missions carried out. They are testimony to the quality of the manufacturing processes applied. It must be noted that all curative maintenance work is carried out on company premises.

In this field, EXTREM’ VISION undertakes to ensure that the support strategy adopted by the company fulfils its purpose. In particular, it is based on preventive maintenance through:

  • Daily maintenance by the user and suitable storage,
  • A six-monthly “user” visit with replacement of main seals in particular,
  • An annual “maker” visit (fixed maintenance process) in our premises.

The annual maintenance visit reduces risks, helps avoid most breakdowns and prevents problems by anticipating them.