Using recognised coastal GPS systems as a basis, EXTREM’ VISION manufactures geopositioning satellite systems capable of operating underwater or in very hostile environments.

Operable down to 20 metres’ depth, as well as between the surface and 10 metres’ depth, with or without a remote antenna, our GPS ALLIGATOR avoids all signing during a submarine or river-based infiltration operation.

The remote antenna has been designed to produce a constant result regardless of the state of the surface of the water (swell).
One version is equipped with a winder that allows cable to be stored, while the whole can be positioned on a carrier. Another version is known as the “Diver-Palmer”, with a shorter cable and cable storage point on the buoy.

This made-to-measure product is discreet and robust, designed for regular use both on land and in water. We can combine movement speed sensors and depth sensors (lock/probe) and meet all your interface and support needs – talk to us.


Hardened GPS for underwater infiltration using a submarine tractor (SMT) or on a Diver-Palmer with waterproof class IP69-20 m.