Tactical viewer for ballistic protection shield

The RAID VIEW tactical kit was developed with the specific aim of equipping framed or eyehole-free ballistic protection shields used by intervention and anti-terrorist forces. In keeping with the needs of operational marine or land-based intervention forces, EXTREM’ VISION has designed an innovative and « rustic » ruggedized accessory for shields (protection class IP69-15 m), capable of resisting « the thrust of the column » during a raid or the impact of a shield striking the ground.

Available in several versions to respond to various methods of action, the RAID VIEW range can be mounted on every ballistic shield available on the market, both one-hand and two-hand, and on the Class-IV category heavy three-panelled shields. RAID VIEW allows observation by day and by night thanks to additional multi-spectral cameras that provide a significant tactical advantage during violent interventions.

An optional telescope perch further increases the scope of use and provides potential for acquiring information useful to operators. Made of carbon fibre, it includes and protects a full range of cables and connecting equipment and is used as a host platform for the kit cameras. With its « flexo » terminal, which allows it to be pushed up to 3 metres away, it is ideal for looking into corners, over doors and from points on window sills etc. The perch is marketed as an essential accessory for using the RAID VIEW kit.

The RAID VIEW, combined with our waterproof RAID LIGHTING system, increases the number of contexts in which it can be used, especially with the lighting and dazzling effect that it provides.

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