Light, dazzle and tactical guidance

The RAID LIGHTING tactical illumination and dazzle ramps have been developed specifically for equipping ballistic protection shields used by intervention and anti-terrorist forces and in the release of hostages.

To meet the needs of operational units involved in land-based or marine interventions, EXTREM’ VISION has designed an innovative and « rustic » ruggedized accessory for shields (protection class IP69–15 m), capable of resisting « the thrust of the column » during a raid or the impact of a shield striking the ground.

Available in several versions to meet the needs of as many interventions as possible, usable both by day and by night, in a visible version or invisible version with addition of laser pointer, this product gives the « column » a significant tactical advantage during a violent intervention. The additional item of equipment gives the ballistic shield a much greater added value. The RAID LIGHTING range can be mounted on all one-hand or two-hand ballistic shields available on the market, as well as on Class-IV framed heavy shields.

The RAID LIGHTING ramps, combined with our waterproof RAID VIEW system, increase the number of scenarios in which they can be used and satisfy the needs for images and information during a deployment process, both by day and by night.

NATO-referenced equipment