As a market leader for three years, the RAID KIT range represents a wide choice of on-board lighting and optronic equipment designed to optimise the use of ballistic shields.
All of these items of equipment are designed, manufactured and checked for compliance within our company.
The name « RAID » was chosen for these products with the concept of « making a raid » in mind, suggesting counter-terrorism or hostage release missions.

Our range consists of two principal groups: RAID LIGHTING (lighting range) and RAID VIEW (optronic display equipment range).
These 2 ranges of products are deployable individually or together in complementarity.

The RAID KIT programme was designed in cooperation with specialist intervention units and key shield manufacturers. We offer a wide range of cutting-edge technology products in order to meet the needs of every person and budget as well as constantly changing methods of action.
Our aim is to provide personnel working with this equipment with maximum safety, to affect the weight and general ergonomics of the shield as little as possible while optimising the procedure of immobilising the offender.
Our products have been demonstrated to be reliable and high-performance in key moments in the fight against terrorism in France and in various locations abroad over the past few years.
The use of our equipment by several foreign units has helped further build our reputation.

Another crucial point is our MCO reactivity time, of great value to our users.


Ensemble visualisateur et caméras


Waterproof tactical viewer for ballistic protection shield.


Dazzling and tactical lighting ramps for ballistic protection shield