Housing for ER 315 – ER 362 radio sets

The IP69-5 metres waterproof casing, for ER 315 and/or ER 362 sets, has been developed specifically at the request of the operators, to help keep sets safe during use on fast vessels in a marine environment.

This casing pushes the limits of the « ER » range while retaining all the original functions, and withstands the heavy stress inflicted by a marine environment, especially submersion in waves and vessel capsizes (IP69-5 waterproof).

Access to functions and energy is designed to facilitate full use of the set with push-buttons or knobs, even after prolonged use at sea. The mechanical protection is still compatible with the two sets without any differences apart from exchanges of the upper covers, which can easily be interchanged in order to access the specific functions of each set.

For several years now, EXTREM’ VISION has been the expert in placing standard equipment in hardened protective casings, but has also brought real added value with special cable-glands that guarantee protection against water and fast use, and also make tactical use in a saline environment much more reliable. If requested, this type of casing can be made to measure for other radio set categories of all brands.

NATO-referenced equipment