Housing for XTL 5000 – APX 6500 radio sets

The IP69-5 metres waterproof casing, for MOTOROLA portable sets, has been developed at the specific request of nautical units to ensure protection of radio sets during actions at sea.

This casing further pushes the boundaries of the transmitter while retaining all the original functions and satisfies the heavy demands of marine infiltration processes, especially submersion under waves and vessel capsizes.

Designed on the basis of integration of the MOTOROLA XTL 5000 set and then the APX 6500 series, the interface for fixing to the vector can be manufactured by us according to the specifications provided by the client. Similarly, production of this type of casing can extend to other categories of radio sets, for use of VHF Marine, VHF War or a less hardened band such as UHF Marine.

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