Motorola COMPAGNON programme

For SRX 2200 radio, model 1.5 or 3.5

The Motorola COMPAGNON programme is a casing with tactical antenna and waterproof head-set equipment that can hold a SRX 2200 Motorola portable radio. It is waterproof to 20 metres (IP69-20), hardened and specially developed for use in very hostile environments while retaining all the initial functions of radios designed for use on land or in the air, including On/Off.
The lower shoe of the casing comes in two versions, short or long, to suit the different Motorola batteries and also to meet the need for compactness and autonomy.

To satisfy the needs of operational units, EXTREM’ VISION is pushing the boundaries of the classic personal radio to allow easy development in three dimensions with a single item of equipment. With its specific experience in meeting the demands of the various phases of involvement in all environments, it includes passive headset that is specifically developed to provide good-quality sound, available in several versions, comfortable and waterproof (IP69-20), thus reducing discomfort for operators required to wear it for prolonged periods.

Still following an « in-the-field » logic, we also offer a full range of peripherals and accessories to allow optimal operation of the system long-term (antennae, poles, transport case, maintenance kit etc).

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