For COMPAGNON range, waterproof IP69-20 m

Our range of waterproof headset, developed and manufactured by our company alone, has been designed with the demands of specialist subaquatic operations units in mind and to fill an empty space still conspicuous on the market. EXTREM’ VISION, realising the challenge faced by our engineers experienced in this field, took the time to consult and obtain the best possible advice to reach the levels of performance and ergonomics efficiency and water and make the equipment IP69-20 m waterproof as anticipated. Having been subjected to a very rigorous acceptance procedure, this equipment has now been assessed by operators over a long period of time and subjected to all the stresses and strains of actual use.

Available in several versions in order to suit different methods of action, there is a single-ear version, right or left on demand, and also in the following configurations:

  • Single ear, PTT integrated into helmet.
  • Both ears, PTT integrated into helmet.
  • Single ear, PTT integrated into helmet + remote unit for both hands possibility.
  • Both ears, PTT integrated into helmet + remote unit for both hands.

With a remarkable sound quality and universally acclaimed comfort of wear over prolonged periods, the use of this equipment has now spread quickly to include surface units. The basic design is compatible with the various COMPAGNON programme sets (all internal electronics are paired with the set’s technology.)
It comes with an OPS-CORE helmet interface with a surface specifically treated to resist salty environments.

NATO-referenced equipment