Standard military radios are designed first and foremost for use by foot-soldiers.
To produce a proper response to use of radios for sea-based raids during submarine or 3D operations, we offer a range of waterproof chambers specifically designed for this type of mission.
Some of our waterproof protections are made to withstand a vessel capsize, others are designed to be immersed up to 20 metres (IP69-20) according to the models, for use in under-sail communications or maintain connection as the environment changes.
The materials used in the manufacturing process are designed to withstand the most difficult environments, without electrolysis, while maintaining all the functions of the original product.
The ergonomics are adapted to suit users’ specific needs, offering new contexts of use while removing the danger of a mission failing because of radio breakdown.

Motorola COMPAGNON programme

IP69-20 m waterproof housing for SRX 2200 series of radio sets

Hardening of headset equipment

For COMPAGNON range, waterproof IP69-20 m

PR4G radio housing

IP69-5 m waterproof housing for ER 315 – ER 362 radio sets

Motorola radio housing

IP69-5 m waterproof housing for XTL 5000 – APX 6500 radio sets