Protection kit

The “ProtecJIM” protection kit has been developed to push the boundaries of SAFRAN’s JIM LR 2 multispectral land binoculars.
To meet the needs of clients who already have the JIM LR1, the ProtecJIM can be supplied with a LR1 dedicated interface set and thus allow a double use.

With the ProtecJIM, specialist marine operatives can use the JIM in completely new situations in a nautical environment.
Designed to protect the JIM LR against spray, all conditions of ambient humidity and submersion in waves and even a vessel capsize, the kit has a protection index of IP68.
This kit is very highly rated by the “combat diver” teams, which can greatly expand the scope of their work when equipped with the kit.

This equipment is NATO-referenced and officially endorsed by SAFRAN E&D.