EXTREM’ VISION designs and provides optronic medium-range and long-distance observation systems, for use by day or by night, hardened and/or submersible, on carriers or portable. With direct or distant vision, or with reproduction on interposed screen, our equipment is light and discreet, with a minimum of cables. It is ergonomic and adapted to meet the needs of users and their environmental stresses.

Our products are used by specialist and elite units to detect, recognise or identify objects. All are manufactured and approved for use on land, in air, on riverbanks or seashores, and under water depending on requirement specifications.


Waterproof housing for JIM LR2 multi-way binoculars, waterproof class IP69-20 m.


Protective envelope for JIM LR1 and LR2 multi-way cooled binoculars, waterproof class IP68.