How can durability in the field be achieved without compromising the mission?

The waterproof power-pack that can be cascaded while underwater is undoubtedly part of the solution. Available in various versions with ranges from 21 to 96 Ah, in voltages from 8 to 16, these battery packs are not the only types available and each new enquiry is studied to satisfy basic energy and autonomy requirements.

These packs are compact, hardened and IP 69-20m waterproof. They have been designed for tactical use by night and wearing gloves, and their weight has been taken into account.

Our expertise in this field is proven by the large numbers of these items already in use. If you trust us, you will benefit from reliable equipment that fails much less frequently, and therefore increase the chances of your mission succeeding.

These power-packs are compatible with the YETI 20 and all kinds of fitted sensors.