This power-pack, with integrated waterproof video recorder, is an innovative system integration solution that combines on-board intelligence with autonomy of power during the process of acquiring information.

Developed for underwater units, this 20m waterproof battery without time limit allows long-term recording in its 2-Tb mass memory. Its power supply can be replenished during action by adding cascadable power-packs, while it is immersed in water.

The PE–ENG is a compact hardened system, IP 69-20m waterproof, which can be made to work with a simple start-up process carried out at night and wearing gloves. The temporal programming HMI of this rustic, robust kit has been studied in depth to make it second nature for the operator to access information quickly without wasting precious time on excessive “de-rushing”.

This pack can be connected using a wire compatible with various kinds of multi-spectral cameras, which should be defined in consultation with the client.