Regardless of which system is used in the field of operations, power management is of first importance in the use of portable equipment.
EXTREM’ VISION provides just the right measurements, integration and on-board intelligence to allow batteries or power-packs to recover as much energy as possible.
Inconspicuous, transportable and waterproof, our products can withstand being buried and can be cascaded, with or without a recorder. They come with a charge and discharge management system and are put together using elements and materials designed to last.

We meet all your wiring needs with different types of cables, stuffing boxes and removable or non-removable connectors for immersion situations.
Handles, methods of transport, knobs, supports, shape – all are important details that we take into account depending on your expressed needs.

Power-pack – Recorder

PE – ENG 45 Ah

Cascadable waterproof power-pack

PE – C – 21-45-96 Ah