Our vocation is to innovate in keeping with the needs of a wide variety of jobs and activities, principally in the fields of Defence and Security.
To work with EXTREM’ VISION is to acquire a culture centred on performance and results with the image of commitment of the exceptional men and women who work in defence, at sea and in submarine audiovisual projects.
For us, it means getting alongside them to work and acquire a unique wealth of experience in the field of innovation and in the challenges that it presents, while all the time adopting a pragmatic approach to studying the problem.
To work with Extrem’ Vision is to respond at short notice to the need to fill a vacuum by providing a made-to-measure solution that satisfies every need.
Our company, armed with its history, culture and personnel, will stay without you throughout, thanks to its wish to succeed, which is bolstered further by the human relations that it has developed with its partners.

It is here, in confidence in people, that our strength lies. This confidence, which is not easily cultivated, has developed over time, being strengthened by the exchanges in the field, and has helped forge a link that has grown over time through shared effort and frank discussion, sometimes without concessions but always with respect and with a passion for a job well done. Sometimes, beyond the job, the contracts and the administrative procedures, sincere and long-lasting friendships have been forged.

It is this confidence that has driven us further and higher, so as not to disappoint those who count on us and believe in us. To work with Extrem’ Vision is to cultivate one’s career and to make the company’s motto “To Serve You is Our Honour” one’s own.