EXTREM’ VISION has developed thanks to the skills of its personnel and the loyalty of its clients.
Human relations are therefore priority for us at all times.
The company is organised according to departments:

  • Top/Head Management
  • Sales services
  • Engineering and Design / Research
  • Manufacturing
  • Assembly/Test
  • Project management and quality
  • Administrative and financial
  • Communication

Depending on our workload, the department managers increase their human resources, selectively to being with and then regularly because of the reliable work done and the consequent growth.
Our personnel are fully qualified senior technicians, PhD or engineers, authorised to carry out specific tasks and trained in complex work with the aim of ensuring the company’s continued development.

With over 20 years of experience in design of equipment for use in hostile environments, we have mastered a wide range of work areas in order to master as many tasks as possible and to readily create synergies with cooperation between many different organisations, not just with colleagues and subcontractors but also with our clients.

Job opportunities:
If you have a qualification in the field of mechanics, electronics or optics, can question your own judgement, and can work in a team on projects that are both complex and unusual, send us your CV and a supporting letter. We will be very interested in reading them.