EXTREM’ VISION is a small company founded in 1996 by Stéphane Gouverneur, who is currently its Chairman.

The company, which specialises in the study, design and manufacture of equipment for use in very demanding environments, employs 12 people who are senior technicians or engineers and all have a very high level of expertise.

It was first and foremost in the field of television, with the aim of creating made-to-measure equipment for submarine wildlife documentaries and providing on-site logistical support, that EXTREM’ VISION first started working.

Following excellent and innovative references in the audiovisual field, especially following the Ushuaïa Nature series, EXTREM’ VISION launched a semi-professional range of materials for submarine video recording.

Thanks to concentration on its differentiation strategy, and long hours devoted to research and development, EXTREM’ VISION became a reference in the field of top-of-the-range images from demanding environments and took over an ever-increasing share in the submarine video-recording market for French and international audiovisual work and event coverage.

Armed with our know-how, acquired over its first ten years, and a level of recognition in the field of television and cinema, we adopted a development strategy aimed at military and industrial sectors as part of a move into R&D missions and production of demonstration models.

More than ever, with our faces turned towards the future, EXTREM’ VISION is generating innovative and technologically pioneering procedures by working in joint projects with major groups or consortiums. EXTREM’ VISION currently occupies a prominent position in several different areas of activity, through niche markets in which its level of reactivity suits the stresses experienced by personnel in the field or decision-makers looking to get involved. This capacity for producing demonstration, pre-serial or serial deliverables designed and manufactured entirely in France makes its method of operation all the more important and ensures a success that really makes a difference and has kept us successful for almost 25 years.