Developed for the American agency GETTY Images (USA), this item now includes a Canon EOS-1D X Mark II APN.
Horizontal rotation (PAN) is guaranteed to 350°, while vertical rotation (Tilt) is 90° and the total roll is 200°, making three axes with a zoom control added (whatever the chosen lens target) as well as remote access to all the APN’s functions.

Located on the pool bottom, the chamber satisfies all of the IOC’s electrical and dimensional requirements.

A connection to a junction box located away from the pool, via a waterproof cable made to measure in 45 meters sections, allows transfer of energy, photos and data in real time. The whole system satisfies the requirements of current international safety standards.
The photojournalist, sitting in the pool area, connects to the junction box and through his PC, automatically or manually directs all the functions of the robot camera and its APN.
Intuitive, efficient and able to distinguish between the many agencies represented at these competitions, the ROBOTOP 3D was a huge hit at the Rio 2016 Olympics and also during the swimming, diving and synchronised swimming championships covered internationally by the GETTY Agency.