This product is the fruit of ten years of cooperation with AFP and specifically with François-Xavier Marit, chief technical editor of photos, whose work involves finding innovative ways of producing dramatic photos during major sporting events such as the Olympic Games. Thanks to our active cooperation, he has made underwater photography his speciality.

On the equipment, a waterproof tower provides panning through 359° and tilt through 180° (2 axes). It includes an APN chamber made to measure to limit hydrodynamic drag and meet the demands of remote working.
Located on the pool bottom, the equipment satisfies IOC requirements.

A connection to a junction box located away from the pool, via a waterproof cable made to measure in 45 meters sections, allows transfer of energy, photos and data in real time. The whole system satisfies the requirements of current international safety standards.
The photo-journalist, sitting in the pool area, connects to the junction box and through his PC, automatically or manually directs all the functions of the robot camera and its APN.

This equipment, fully studied and manufactured completely independently in EXTREM’ VISION’s premises, can be developed on-demand according specifications particular to all environments, whether sporting or industrial, in order to meet the complex requirements of the photographing process.