These cameras are associated with « On Board Sea Vision » video software solution developed by Mer Agitée to meet the many different expectations of teams working on the open sea.
Together we have shared in many world circumnavigations, nail-biting moments and great victories shared by TV viewers the world over.

Just one story:
During the Transatlantic race from New York to Les Sables-d’Olonne in Vendée, a 2016 Vendée Globe qualifier, Paul Meilhat, the skipper of SMA, was evacuated to the Azores after being seriously injured and his boat was left adrift in wild weather conditions.
The « phantom yacht » was recovered two months later just off the Scottish coast.
All of the electronic equipment had been destroyed; only the cameras were still working and were on the fully-restored SMA as it set sail for the 2016 Vendée Globe.

« Dome » housing

Camera for simultaneous action through 360°

« Tube » camera

Multi-use camera with wide field and high performance.